The original Iran's wrist is naturally hard, the execution of spies is not soft, with the same wrist to punish the hairdresser - 快3计划网
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The original Iran's wrist is naturally hard, the execution of spies is not soft, with the same wrist to punish the hairdresser


The original title: Iran's wrist is naturally hard, and the execution of spies is not soft. With the same wrist, Iran has imposed sanctions on the hairdresser

Under the background of the continuous escalation of the conflict between the United States and Iran, Iran has once again taken steps against the United States. A few days ago, the Ministry of social affairs of Iran announced that it would take targeted sanctions against Richard Goldberg, a member of the United States foundation for the defense of democracy. It is learned that Goldberg had previously served as an assistant to Bolton in the former state calm affairs of the United States, and actively promoted the United States to Iran during his term of office Implement sanctions.

Russia's satellite news agency reported that Jilin kuaiyan platform was leased. Iran once accused Goldberg of taking economic terrorism during his tenure of office. Later, the media quoted Iran's news agency as saying that Jilin kuaiyan platform was leased. Iran suddenly took measures to promote US sanctions against Iran and help the us to end the previous signing of the Iran nuclear program Answer.

However, as for the topic selected by the media, Iran has made a foreign response. Since trump unilaterally announced to withdraw from the formulation of the Iranian nuclear program, the United States and Iran have opened a strong confrontation. The two sides have been facing each other for more than two years. The main relationship between the two countries is not rigid.

This time, Iran suddenly broke away and implemented sanctions against the officials who once held important positions in the U.S. authorities. It is not only the latest action taken against the United States after Iran publicly issued a fight warning to the US side, executed many US spies in public, and carried out military training, when the US aircraft carrier model was regarded as a pseudo enemy and successfully attacked. This move also symbolizes that the United States has been constrained The big powers in the Middle East have launched a counter attack on the United States.

After the outbreak of the U.S. - Iran conflict, the United States has more than once publicly announced the implementation of sanctions against Iran. The sanctions surrounding Iran include a number of surrounding areas. The most prominent concern of the outside world is Iran's economy. Iran is a big oil exporting country, and exporting oil to many countries has brought the country a special and undeniable good. But since the United States and Iraq broke its face, the reasons for the United States sanctions, many countries All countries no longer import oil from Iran, and one-sided countries even stop matching with Iran in other aspects, which not only leads to the economic decline of Iran, but also shows the main image of decline.

Especially after the outbreak of the new coronal epidemic, the impact of U.S. sanctions on Iran has become more and more clear. Therefore, Iran has made a voice to ask the United States to relax the sanctions on the country, but it was directly ignored by the United States.

In the face of ever-increasing sanctions from the United States, Iran is quite displeased, but it only verbally denounces the United States and issues a warning at the same time, without any further actions.

It is a strange and special act to announce that the sanctions against Bolton's former aides are subtle. The first target of the attack is Bolton's former aides. But in fact, people with a clear eye can see that Iran is really targeting the United States now. This is not only an answer to US sanctions against Iran, but also a counter attack to US sanctions. However, once the counter attack starts, the conflict between the United States and Iran is bound to rise to a new height, which may make it more difficult for all countries in the world to realize the peace talks between the United States and Iran.